Thoughts from a hospitalbed

Monday there was a dull abdominal pain and some unwellness. Tuesday and Wednesday it got worse. Hardly no boxes were packed, and when at home I curled up in my bed – Leopardess in my lap – and read. Thursday I felt worse, called my GP. Got hold of his nurse and told he will call me – next Wednesday.

About lunchtime I decided I had enough. In stead of buying lunch I headed to the ER. I entered through the staff entrance, introduced my self, explained my problem and asked for painkillers so that I could go back to work.

I was shown (shoved) out to the main entrance area, told to take a number and wait in line. No frills for senior medical staff at our hospital, oh no. After a lot of waiting, conversation with the triage nurse, more waiting, blood and urine samples left I finally could lay down and curl up. After a couple of hours a jr surgeon showed up. He was initially remarkably stressed by having a senior as patient and a medical student family member around. He eventually cooled down and did his job properly. I got my painkillers, and after a few more hours I was slightly intoxicated and on my way to a ward as inpatient. Due to high influx of patients, I was admitted to a neighbouring clinic the first 24 hours. Not that I did mind. I had a room of my own, cute male nurses to see to me and my both youngest to assist in retriving some personal items from home. I usually don’t bring my toothbrush when I go for lunch.

Unfortunately changing the route of administration of my painkillers from directly into my bloodstream to into my bodyfat increased sideeffects drastically. I became terribly nauseous albeit not as dizzy headed, and needed more meds to curb the nausea.

Yesterday was spent nauseous, tryin to sleep, listening to music, reading slash (I love my iPad), getting my gallstones visualised once more and starving. I was transferred during the afternoon to the “correct” hospital ward where I’m sharing room with two other women, who unfortunately have been entertained by my snoring during the night since I’ve slept very well. Yesterday evening I finally was allowed to eat again, and even the horrible hospital coffee was a bliss this morning. Currently I’m waiting for the coffeeshop in the Lobby to open. I’ll try to sneak out to buy me some proper coffee. A fourdouble espresso with hot milk *yummy*

Encouraging texts, facebook messages and tweets has been sent from many friends around the Globe and are gratefully acknowledged. What should I do without you gal and guys out there.

Love and hugs
Dragonqueen, less feracious than habitual

RIP Lynx Cat.

It’s sad to leave the Vet’s office with an empty carrier.

It’s sad to empty food bowls and take away the food mat from the cats’ corner in the kitchen.

It’s sad to remove blankets from favourite spots in windows and shelves.

My wonderful, beautiful fluffy ginger cat ain’t no more. He was a fairly young cat, just 5 and a half years old. The last few weeks there were repeated episodes of unwellness and trips to the vet’s. The last days he rapidly detoriated and nothing more was to be done in order to give him a decent life. I had to take the final decision and he died peacefully in my arms. I’ve shed lots of tears and there are more to come.

RIP Lynx (2007 -2012). I miss you so much.

To move or not to move

Some ten years ago I moved up to the Hills with teenage kids in tow.

First we settled in a huge flat in one of the old houses. The rent was considerable less than in the newer houses and there was space enough for kids, cats and a grand piano. A few years later I moved to a smaller flat in two houses away at the other street with two cats and one teenage kid, they older ones had left the nest. Eventually that kid left for work abroad, and there was me and three cats left.

The cats became four, and I got a new job with a more substantial pay check. The top floor flat in the Tower  across the street became available, I signed the lease and moved in. The New (present) Lair is the closest to “a penthouse with a view” you can get without paying a fortune for a condo. I kind of like my Lair, and aim to live here as long as I can manage to live on my own, i.e. into old age.

Unfortunately recent events have made me start to think differently. Since I live on the top floor it’s a long way down to the ground from the balcony. Thus a potential hazard for the Lair Cats if they should get adventurous and climb on the railings. Fencing is necessary, and actually demanded according to  the Animal  Welfare Laws. Several discussions with the Landlord’s local manager over the last couple of years about this has taken place, and I was told  not to fasten anything to the precious metal covered outer walls of the building.

A few weeks ago DJ and a couple of this friends put up a nice fence on the balcony, and ever since the Lair Cats have been enjoying being outdoors in the Sun without any risk of  falling down. I decided to finally get some proper furniture and being able to use the balcony in full for the first time since I moved in. This is the fourth summer I live here and I’ve had nothing but makeshift foldable chairs to sit on so far.

Then the present local manager discovered the changes I had made. He was not content and claimed the (very securely fastened) fence was a hazard, and could fall down causing considerable damages which then should be the responsibility of the housing company that owns this area. I don’t agree about those security concerns. The new construction is very securely fastened, and is only aimed to be present from late May/early June to late August/early September since the warm season is short here in the North. The matter was referred to his supervisor.

The supervisor, who not has bothered to talk to me directly, decided the fence is “unesthetical” and must be removed within two weeks. Now there obviously are no concerns about security reasons. I still refuse and lean on the Animal Welfare Laws. I’ve sought advice from the Animal Charity I’m a member of, as well as from the Tenant’s Association. The last word is not said yet.

However, all this fuzz has made me thinking of getting another place to live where the Lair Cats can enjoy being outdoors during the short summers. Later today I’m going to have a look at a flat in the City Center. The flat itself looks nice as presented by the Real Estate agent. I’m not sure though, there are no river views and I’m not sure I want to live in the middle of the City. The rent is low, but the asking price for the condo is way over 200 000 €. Tomorrow there is a showing of a new area down by the river, not far from where I live. The river view is there, but the asking price for those condos are even higher and so are the rents. They won’t be available until next spring.

On the other hand, my living costs today are close to 1000 €/month and those money are just spent.  A condo can always be sold and you can  get your money back, thus making it a sort of  a saving for your retirement.


A new era, or maybe I just caved in

Today I finally caved in and purchased an iPad. I still don’t really know what to think. Somehow since Macs are evil this one messes with me, and needs to be tamed. It makes annoying noices while I type and the autocorrecting drives med nuts.

Guess either I or the iPad must change, and I’m very stubborn!

Otherwise I have an unhappy cat. Lynx is currently sporting a collar due to a skin infection at his hindpaws. Then I must find him – and Leopardess – some fun gadgets to play with.

Fifth blogoversary

…or correctly it was yesterday, but I forgot.

I might not have used this blog very much, and it’s far between nowadays. I created it manily as a way to keep in touch with cyber buddies all over the world, and it was like that the blog once was.

Have some cake anyway!
kitty cake

RIP Putte Panterkatt

My gorgeous choc brown boy aka Tiny Cat/Choc Cat crossed the Rainbow bridge a few hours ago.

He was adopted from the local cat shelter in august 2006 and was believed to around a year old at that time. He went from being a very abused scared cat to a very social talkative purring lap cat. Unfortunately his bad start in life took its toll on his health and he has been sort of feeble. The last pneumonia never healed and finally his heart didn’t manage anymore, so this afternoon we took him to the vet and he was put to sleep.

RIP Tiny Cat, you will be missed.

DQ flies west

The bastard child raping granduncle is finally six feet under, and thus there are a gazillion of things to sort out. Mum was suppose to handle all this, but as you might remember she died a year ago after being hit by a car. The last year has been a mess trying to sort things out for the old one who never made it on his own. Well, he was ninety so it was time for him to go anyway.


A neighbour arranged for a quick burial, claiming nobody would attend anyway. Probably she was right, and it saved me from arranging that anyway. We were not notified about his death until after burial, and now there is a need to go there and see what need to be done. There is a house inhabited since the late forties by a hoarding couple. Mum made attempts to clear out, but was not allowed. There are rumours about unpaid taxes and I don’t know what. Well, that is to be found out and hopefully sorted out during the upcoming week.


I’ve spent a lot of time the last week and a half to arrange travel for me, my both 79 year old aunts and a cousin to to go to the other side of the pond. So far my arrangements has worked out smoothly and at this very moment we’re over the Pond heading for the volcanic island where there will be a change of flights.


Tomorrow I must also get a ‘merrcan mobile phone – or should I say “cell phone” :P and a dongle for mobile broadband. Had some trouble with the latter last year, hope it will be easier this time.

*currently listening to “Dragon Songs” by Lang Lang*

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